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Science teaching and learning materials for UK pupils aged 4–11 linked to the curriculum, with accessible resources to bring science to life through real-world challenges and careers links.

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Food chains

Help your pupils develop their understanding of food chains with these three resources.

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Introducing living things and their habitats

Understand all about living things and their habitats. Explore and identify animals and plants, and classify them as living, dead, never been alive and more.

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Science In stories: Humpty Dumpty

Find out how to recognise properties of different materials though the popular children's story 'Humpty Dumpty'.

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A classroom with the primary solar system poster on the wall

Primary posters

Covering the rock cycle, planets in our solar system, fossils and more, find vibrant posters that are perfect for your classroom wall. Spark group conversations while providing pupils with the need-to-know facts on a topic in the science curriculum.

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a young girl around 8 years old with platted pig-tails in her hair and pink scrunchies. She is wearing a pair of science goggles and is holding the sides of the goggles in protective gloves. She has a huge smile and looks excited. In the foreground, but not in focus, is science equipment like plastic beakers and solutions in bottles.

Ready. Steady. Science!

Creative and fun everyday science experiments.

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Image of ladybirds flying and landing on a dandelion flower.

Living things and their habitats

Discover the science of living hings and their habitats, link learning to the real-world of minibeasts and inspire pupils with people in real careers.

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