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What is Energising Futures?

Energising Futures is a free STEM hub offering high-quality curriculum-linked resources. Expertly curated collections of resources bring real-world science to life for young people. They allow pupils and students to be introduced to the skills they’ll need to access the green jobs required for a more sustainable future.

Are all Energising Futures resources free?

Yes, everything that is available to download from the Energising Futures website is totally free of charge.

What resources are available from Energising Futures?

Energising Futures holds a wide range of educational resource materials, focusing on Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths (STEM) and Careers. A range of resources for learners aged 4–16 are available to download from the website, free-of-charge.

Can I access the resources if I am not a teacher?

Energising Futures’ wide range of resources are available for all! If you are a teacher, parent, or carer, access the content by registering here.

Because we ask for details such as an email address, you are only able to access content if you are over the age of 18. But if you are under 18 and would like to access resources, why don’t you tell your teacher about us!

Can I access these resources with my old bpES account?

Yes, you will be able to access Energising Futures with your existing bpES username and password.

What are 'student codes' and how do I create them?

All our resources are easy to share with your students. Simply share the code found on each resource page and direct them to https://energisingfutures.co.uk/student-code/

You can create a student code for each resource page by clicking on the box on right-hand side. These codes are individual to each resource and students can access the activity by entering the code without logging in or submitting personal details.

Why does bp invest in education?

bp want to support the STEM skills development needed to create a diverse, high-quality talent pipeline for the future.

How do I contact Energising Futures?

Please use our online form to contact us.