Careers connections

Inspire learners by connecting them to relatable people and their careers within the energy sector and beyond.

Cutouts of people from the careers connections videos on a pink background. There are doodles of a CV, Some molecules and some cogs overlayed. All the people as smiling and looking at the camera.

According to the Gatsby Foundation, ‘Good career guidance is important for social mobility because it helps open pupils’ eyes to careers they had not previously considered.’ That’s why Energising Futures has developed career connection resources, showing how the knowledge and skills developed in the classroom relate to real-life problem solving challenges and future careers.

Through day-in-the-life videos, case studies, job-role cards and more, learners become familiar with a growing range of new, future careers, connect with relatable people in those careers and discover a range of pathways from education to employment .

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Meet a stakeholder advisor

Meet a vehicle mechanic

Meet an energy industry consultant

Meet a data analyst

Meet a petrologist

Meet a field service engineer

Meet a palaeontologist

Meet a wind turbine technician

Meet an ecologist (primary)

Meet an ecologist (secondary)