Green Skills Unlocked

Be part of the first Green Skills Unlocked innovative training program and explore the world of Green skills.

Green Skills Unlocked supports teachers by helping them bring green careers to life in the classroom through real-world examples of green jobs and the skills required to access them. This forward-thinking programme is part of Energising Futures. It has been expertly designed to up-skill teachers in ways that will help them deliver inspiring careers content to young people of all ages and backgrounds. The programme helps teachers connect young people to relatable professionals and the types of careers critical for supporting a greening economy. Continue reading to find out more and register your interest.

How it works

The course is delivered in bite-sized modules to help teachers expand classroom learning. Each module will provide teachers with expert support from voices in industry, academia, and science education. 

 Reviewed and approved by ASE, the course covers everything a teacher will need to prepare their students for a career in an allencompassing greening economy, including: 

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What are Green Skills?

Identifying the skills that young people need to develop; understanding why they are needed in the workplace and how they interconnect

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Green Skills in the Classroom

Looking at classroom strategies, planning lessons and using the Science Capital Teaching Approach to make incorporating Green Skills into existing lessons fun and easy

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Introducing careers in STEM

How to incorporate careers connections into lessons and expand students’ imaginations as they look to their future

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Documenting progress

Learn how to define progress and help students seek out new skills that can be applied to any career

PLUS teachers will leave the course with a Teacher Toolkit of templates and plans to make incorporating Green Skills into lesson planning and teaching, easier than ever. 


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Green Skills Unlocked is brought to you by STEM education experts and industry visionaries

Green Skills Unlocked is part of Energising Futures, a programme designed and curated by experts in STEM education to encourage and support a skills pipeline in the UK and around the world. Its aim is to support the skills needed to help society achieve the energy transfer.

The programme is under the editorial control of We Are Futures, a brand and social impact agency who specialise in engaging and educating young people, their teachers, their parents, and their communities.

The programme is designed and accredited by ASE (Association of Science Educators) and partners from academia and industry to provide teachers with the quality support they need to bring science to life in the classroom.