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Science teaching and learning materials for UK students aged 11–16 linked to the curriculum, with accessible resources to bring science to life through real-world challenges and careers links.

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Explore the range of Photosynthesis knowledge organisers created for ages 11-14 and 14-16. Revise the how plants use glucose, testing for starch. the reactants and products of the chemical reaction and what affects the rate of photosynthesis.

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A scientist a day: Discover green careers

Introduce your students to green skills and a range of relatable professionals, highlighting careers that will help us build a greener future with this presentation. Use as a starter or plenary over a series of lessons to inspire your students into the STEM careers of tomorrow. 

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Image of primary aged boy using air resistance online experiment on a desktop computer.

Interactive science games

All the essential knowledge and need-to-know facts on topics in the science curriculum. Use to introduce a topic or to support students.

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Women and girls in science

Women have contributed to advances in all aspects of science, from computing, to medicine and astronomy. Inspire your students by celebrating discoveries made by women, and encourage them to consider a career in science themselves.

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three slide previews of the deforestation presentation

Effects of deforestation

Can students save the fictional land of Arborica by using their science knowledge to answer questions about climate change? Let's find out!

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