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Science teaching and learning materials for UK pupils aged 4–11 linked to the curriculum, with accessible resources to bring science to life through real-world challenges and careers links.

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Rock properties

Explore different rock properties and learn about varying scientific methodologies and practices.

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Rock cycle

Explore the rock cycle, the the formation of igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks and discover some of their features.

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Identifying and grouping rocks

Explore group rocks according to their type, minerals, properties and uses with this virtual rock kit and quiz.

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Design an electric vehicle

A real-life electric vehicle field service engineer and a data analyst guide pupils through the basic science of circuits and electric vehicles before they take on a real-life challenge to design an innovative electric vehicle of their own.

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Design an electric helicopter

A step-by-step series of videos that uses knowledge from electricity and forces to build an electric helicopter from easily accessible materials.

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Learn about circuits, using virtual experiments and activity sheets. Cover core principals such as what makes a fair test, results tables, and graphs.

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Be a rock detective

Learn about rock types, explore their properties, and discover careers related to rocks.

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Be a fossil detective

Become a fossil detective exploring animal adaptations and make suggestions about how they lived.

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A classroom with the primary solar system poster on the wall

Primary posters

Covering the rock cycle, planets in our solar system, fossils and more, find vibrant posters that are perfect for your classroom wall. Spark group conversations while providing pupils with the need-to-know facts on a topic in the science curriculum.

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a young girl around 8 years old with platted pig-tails in her hair and pink scrunchies. She is wearing a pair of science goggles and is holding the sides of the goggles in protective gloves. She has a huge smile and looks excited. In the foreground, but not in focus, is science equipment like plastic beakers and solutions in bottles.

Ready. Steady. Science!

Creative and fun everyday science experiments.

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A transparent electric vehicle plugged into a charging point showing the inner workings

Electricity and batteries

Discover the science of electricity, link learning to the real-world of electric vehicles and inspire pupils with people in real careers.

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