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Animal and plant cells poster

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Cells and organisms

Investigate what structures are found in both animal and plant cells and what function each part has. Explore specialised cells and find out how cells were first discovered with this cells poster.


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Meet a health, safety, environment and carbon advisor

Use these resources to introduce your class to a real-life health, safety, environment and carbon advisor- a STEM role for non-science graduates. Use the job role card to understand the necessary skills and qualifications, discover Eirini's job-related preferences, and gain insight into her daily tasks.

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Making and evaluating a biodiesel challenge

In this real-world challenge, your class can apply their knowledge of hydrocarbons to make and evaluate biodiesel. Students will build their knowledge of traditional and alternative aviation fuels. Use the delivery guide and practical guide to prepare the experiments which students can take responsibility for using their logbooks. The skills checklists enable students to reflect on skills they have built.

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Hydrocarbons revision

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Image of primary aged boy using air resistance online experiment on a desktop computer.

Interactive science games

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Women and girls in science

Women have contributed to advances in all aspects of science, from computing, to medicine and astronomy. Inspire your students by celebrating discoveries made by women, and encourage them to consider a career in science themselves.

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Hydrocarbons as fuel

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classroom with the secondary animal and plants cells poster on the wall

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