Biodiversity challenge (secondary)


Animals, including humans, Living things and their habitats, Design, Evaluate, Relationships in an ecosystem, Current electricity, Energy resources and fuels, Human and physical geography

How can I use this with my class?

This real-world challenge invites your class to design a wild area in their local environment. First, students can learn about biodiversity and why it is important through a series of videos. Their understanding of the importance of biodiversity can be tested using the about biodiversity activity sheet.

Your class can then focus on how to improve biodiversity, applying this to their own environment. They can use all their acquired knowledge to design their wild area on the my design worksheet where they draw, justify, and evaluate their design.

Download the resources below and come back here when you’re ready to watch the videos.

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Biodiversity challenge (primary)

Learn about biodiversity and why it is important; explore how to improve biodiversity and use all the acquired knowledge to design a wild area.

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