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Living things and their habitats


Animals, including humans, Living things and their habitats

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Discover the essential science of living things and their habitats. Understand food chains and uncover how different objects can be categorised into living, dead and never alive!

In the realworld challenge pupils explore and survey minibeasts found in different microhabitats that are located outside of the classroom.

Careers content featuring an Ecologist, showcases real jobs and links knowledge and skills with the world of work.

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Essential science

A series of lessons that will get you started…

Introducing living things and their habitats

Understand all about living things and their habitats. Explore and identify animals and plants, and classify them as living, dead, never been alive and more.

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Food chains

Help your pupils develop their understanding of food chains with these three resources.

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Real-world challenge

Put learning to the test with a real-world application of knowledge…

Career connection

Discover real careers linked to this subject…