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Hydrocarbons as fuel



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Students learn the essential science of chemical structure of hydrocarbons, how they are used as fuel, and some alternatives to fossil fuels. Also how hydrocarbons are processed by fractional distillation and cracking. A real-world challenge brings to life the learning on hydrocarbons and links it to biofuel and its uses in the real world. Students are tasked with making a biodiesel and carrying out chemical analyses to evaluate its use as fuel. Careers content featuring two people who are working in the energy sector, giving insight into their roles to help inspire your students for their future career.

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Essential science

A series of lessons that will get you started…

Hydrocarbons and their uses

Use this presentation to teach students the structure of hydrocarbons and how their properties change depending on chain length. Addressing the environmental concerns associated with burning fossil fuels and exploring sustainable alternatives. Promote class discussions by facilitating an evaluation of the pros and cons of biofuels usage.

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Fractional distillation and cracking

During this lesson, your class will learn about the function and processes of fractional distillation and cracking of hydrocarbons. Use the How fractional distillation works worksheet to structure your student’s notes, plus the poster and summary to consolidate learning. Use the cracking activity sheet to check for understanding of that process.

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Hydrocarbons revision (GCSE Chemistry)

Build knowledge and check understanding of hydrocarbons with this knowledge organiser and ‘Check your learning’ activity sheet, featuring exam-style questions.

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Real-world challenge

Put learning to the test with a real-world application of knowledge…

Making and evaluating a biodiesel challenge

In this real-world challenge, your class can apply their knowledge of hydrocarbons to make and evaluate biodiesel. Students will build their knowledge of traditional and alternative aviation fuels. Use the delivery guide and practical guide to prepare the experiments which students can take responsibility for using their logbooks. The skills checklists enable students to reflect on skills they have built.

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Career connection

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