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Electrolysis and generating hydrogen


Working scientifically, Atomic structure and the periodic table, Chemical changes, Earth and atmospheric science, Energy

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Explore elements of the periodic table and atomic structure. Uncover the world of electrons, ions and electrolysis of molten ionic liquids, aqueous solutions and water. Look at how electrolysis is used to make hydrogen on an industrial scale and take on the real-world challenge – a core practical where students produce their own hydrogen using an electrolysis cell. Careers content featuring an energy industry consultant and a vehicle mechanic, showcases real jobs and links knowledge and skills with the world of work. Thank you to Northern Gas Network for their contribution and support creating this resource.

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Investigate the theory behind electrolysis and generating hydrogen and use the electrolysis of ionic liquids and ionic solutions presentations to review ionic bonding.

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Real-world challenge

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Hydrogen generation challenge

Investigate the real-world challenge of producing hydrogen by electrolysis of water and analyse data to calculate the efficiency of the process.

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